Self Portrait


Becoming an artist has been my lifelong desire.  As a child, I was fascinated by the images that came to mind while I stared at a blank page and the accompanying challenge of transforming one dimension to three, on paper. I began drawing realistic images; later, I gravitated towards abstract expression.  My true creative mode lies somewhere in-between.

 In my abstract work, I use lines and color to explore shape and spatial relationships. Each piece tells a story.  I begin by drawing random lines on a blank page. Ideas then come to mind as I revise the composition, and I install “visual goodies” to the larger elements. I intend for the viewer to experience the sensation of a visual “treasure hunt.”   

My realistic approach illustrates my interest in ultra-close-up facial expressions. My subjects are people whose lives and accomplishments have impacted my own life. They range from Cultural / Political figures to Jazz musicians.  I employ the use of vivid color and high contrast to isolate facial expressions.

The Muhammad Ali, Bob Marley, and Malcolm X  pieces were created using color aid paper as a medium, cut into pixel sized squares by an exacto knife. I then apply the squares directly to an illustration board. I chose to create these pieces based on each subject’s influential magnitude on diverse segments of the world’s population.  These African-descended men lived by strong ideals, faced great adversity, and refused to bend to the demands of societal power structures. These men transcended the boundaries of their endeavors and became worldwide iconic figures. My homage in small dots of color represents the many lives they have touched across various races and cultures and their political legacies.    

As my proficiency with other media developed, I expanded my area of interest to jazz music, which is another one of my passions.  My subjects are musicians whose work I enjoy and whose approaches, much like my own, are based on improvisation.

My working arsenal includes color-aid paper, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, and color pencil. I am still most excited by staring at a blank page with a “good ole” pencil in hand.

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